While Virtual Office is very attractive, a physical office has some advantages too.

Meeting rooms
One of the advantages of a physical office is the possibility to arrange and conduct meetings with clients, suppliers, partners, brainstorming sessions with colleagues, interviews with potential employees, etc. in a business environment of a prestigious office center. Using our Virtual Office service, you can always book one of our meeting rooms of the required size in order to conduct meetings at our physical offices.

Office equipment
Another advantage of a physical office always offers a variety of office equipment for document-processing (scanning, printing, copying, shredding, clamping, sending, etc.) needed to properly conduct business activities and administration of your company. With our Virtual Office service, you can always request our Secretary to handle document processing for you using our high-quality office equipment.

An additional advantage of a physical office is the presence of an office secretary/receptionist who greets the visitors, answers the phone calls, handles the correspondence and perform other administrative tasks. With our Virtual Office, we offer professional Receptionist & Secretary service, that will be set-up following your preferences. We will take care of your guests according to your instructions, answer your phone calls with your company’s name and provide you with many useful additional services.

Unexpected visit(s)
In case of an official visitation by authorities, for example, a tax inspection, the representatives (often without notifying) visit the registered address of a company. If you use your private address as your business address, the unexpected visit may take place at your home. Moreover, an angry customer may also appear at your private address. With a physical office, you will avoid this kind of visits. As part of our Virtual Office service, we will always greet your expected/unexpected guests at your company`s registered address and provide them with necessary information and/or documents in accordance with your instructions.

Corporate Documents
The corporate documents of a company, such as the articles of association, register of shareholders, accounting & bookkeeping documents, etc. must be kept at the registered address of a company. Keeping the corporate documents at the physical office is considerably more secure than leaving them at your home. As part of our Virtual Office service, we will keep all the necessary corporate documents of your company securely stored at your dedicated company box.