Flexibility – you may conduct business from any part of the world, while still having a registered office address in Germany. Using a Virtual Office is always easier and faster than renting a physical office. In addition, you are free to terminate the Virtual Office agreement at any time you want.

Professional look – having Virtual Office at the prestigious business center allows your company to look like a large and respectable enterprise with a great office and a huge number of employees without the need to renting an expensive physical space.

Low operational costs – Virtual Office fee is considerably lower in comparison to the rent of physical office. Office space in a premium business area of Germany will cost your company a fortune. Virtual Office will save you considerable costs and allow you to have more funds available for the operational needs of your company.

No deposit – renting a physical office is always associated with a security deposit of 3 to 6 monthly rental payments. Using a Virtual office is very convenient for those companies that do not have enough funds yet for a security deposit.