It's certainly possible. Our team will provide you with a written authorization allowing you to register a new company at the address of LocalOffice24. The written authorization needs to be submitted to the German notary in order to incorporate your company. To become a client of LocalOffice24, you need the following:
  • choose the LocalOffice24 subscription that suits your needs
  • provide us with the name of the company that is going to be incorporated
Upon the receiving of your request, our team will prepare the Authorization Letter (written authorization to use the address of LocalOffice24) for you in order to submit it to the German notary upon the registration of your company.
The documents that must be submitted to the German Trade Register are the following:
  • Filled and signed address-change form (we will provide to you)
  • Official authorization from LocalOffice24, allowing your company to use our address;
  • Passport Copy of the director of the company
With every subscription (plan) of LocalOffice24 we offer an Address Change Assistant service. With this service, we will assist you with the preparation of all the above-mentioned documents.
The registration of your company on the address of LocalOffice24 at the German Trade Register takes approximately 2 working days and it solely depends on how busy the German Trade Register is.
A regular correspondence comprises the following:
  • correspondence from the German Trade Register (e.g. letters on registered changes, reminders to submit an annual financial report, etc.)
  • correspondence from German Tax Office (e.g. payment requests, reminders, etc.)
  • correspondence from the bank
  • requests from the German Central Statistics Bureau
  • questionnaires from the local municipality.
No, while using the Virtual Office address offered by LocalOffice24, your private address will not be visible and will remain hidden.