It's certainly possible. Our team will provide you with a written authorization allowing you to register a new company at the address of LocalOffice24. The written authorization needs to be submitted to the German notary in order to incorporate your company. To become a client of LocalOffice24, you need the following:
  • choose the LocalOffice24 subscription that suits your needs
  • provide us with the name of the company that is going to be incorporated
Upon the receiving of your request, our team will prepare the Authorization Letter (written authorization to use the address of LocalOffice24) for you in order to submit it to the German notary upon the registration of your company.
Virtual Office is the combination of a physical business address at a prestigious office center and useful related services (e.g. local phone number, postal address for incoming correspondence, mail scan and forwarding, registration address for German Trade Register, receptionist, etc.) in order to communicate with authorities, customers and suppliers. Virtual Office allows you to create the full image of a real office in Germany without paying high costs for leasing a physical office space. Virtual office provides you with an opportunity to operate your business from anywhere while still having a registered office, business address, marketing address, an office receptionist and a possibility to use meeting rooms in Germany.

While Virtual Office is very attractive, a physical office has some advantages too.

Meeting rooms
One of the advantages of a physical office is the possibility to arrange and conduct meetings with clients, suppliers, partners, brainstorming sessions with colleagues, interviews with potential employees, etc. in a business environment of a prestigious office center. Using our Virtual Office service, you can always book one of our meeting rooms of the required size in order to conduct meetings at our physical offices.

Office equipment
Another advantage of a physical office always offers a variety of office equipment for document-processing (scanning, printing, copying, shredding, clamping, sending, etc.) needed to properly conduct business activities and administration of your company. With our Virtual Office service, you can always request our Secretary to handle document processing for you using our high-quality office equipment.

An additional advantage of a physical office is the presence of an office secretary/receptionist who greets the visitors, answers the phone calls, handles the correspondence and perform other administrative tasks. With our Virtual Office, we offer professional Receptionist & Secretary service, that will be set-up following your preferences. We will take care of your guests according to your instructions, answer your phone calls with your company's name and provide you with many useful additional services.

Unexpected visit(s)
In case of an official visitation by authorities, for example, a tax inspection, the representatives (often without notifying) visit the registered address of a company. If you use your private address as your business address, the unexpected visit may take place at your home. Moreover, an angry customer may also appear at your private address. With a physical office, you will avoid this kind of visits. As part of our Virtual Office service, we will always greet your expected/unexpected guests at your company`s registered address and provide them with necessary information and/or documents in accordance with your instructions.

Corporate Documents
The corporate documents of a company, such as the articles of association, register of shareholders, accounting & bookkeeping documents, etc. must be kept at the registered address of a company. Keeping the corporate documents at the physical office is considerably more secure than leaving them at your home. As part of our Virtual Office service, we will keep all the necessary corporate documents of your company securely stored at your dedicated company box.

Flexibility - you may conduct business from any part of the world, while still having a registered office address in Germany. Using a Virtual Office is always easier and faster than renting a physical office. In addition, you are free to terminate the Virtual Office agreement at any time you want.

Professional look - having Virtual Office at the prestigious business center allows your company to look like a large and respectable enterprise with a great office and a huge number of employees without the need to renting an expensive physical space.

Low operational costs - Virtual Office fee is considerably lower in comparison to the rent of physical office. Office space in a premium business area of Germany will cost your company a fortune. Virtual Office will save you considerable costs and allow you to have more funds available for the operational needs of your company.

No deposit - renting a physical office is always associated with a security deposit of 3 to 6 monthly rental payments. Using a Virtual office is very convenient for those companies that do not have enough funds yet for a security deposit.

As soon as mail arrives for you at your business address in Germany, the employees of LocalOffice24 will notify you via your e-mail. You can then choose to have your post scanned, forwarded, or destroyed, and our team will take care of it. If you choose to have it scanned, you will receive a high-resolution PDF a short time later.

You can sleep easy - all post at your business address in Germany is in the best hands, and each process is guarded by the highest security measures, data protection, and discretion.

Depending on your instructions, we process your incoming correspondence in the following ways:
  • envelope scanning (without opening the envelope) or
  • documents scanning
The scan-copies of your incoming correspondence will be forwarded to the e-mail address of your choice. The originals of the correspondence will be kept at the secured storage where you can always pick it up at any time that suits you or instruct us to forward it to the postal address indicated by you.
Yes, the Virtual Office address offered by LocalOffice24 is eligible for opening a bank account in Germany as this is a real street address. You can also open a bank account, merchant account and apply for other financial services in any other country of your choice. Upon your request, we can provide you with the Proof of Address of your company. With our Virtual Office address, you will always successfully undergo any KYC procedure.
The company needs a Virtual Office address in Germany for the following reasons:
  • company will become the tax resident of Germany
  • company will receive a German VAT number
  • company can open a bank account in a German bank
  • company can enjoy the German Double Tax Avoidance Agreement Network (signed between Germany and other countries)
  • company can enjoy the tax advantages of Germany
The documents that must be submitted to the German Trade Register are the following:
  • Filled and signed address-change form (we will provide to you)
  • Official authorization from LocalOffice24, allowing your company to use our address;
  • Passport Copy of the director of the company
With every subscription (plan) of LocalOffice24 we offer an Address Change Assistant service. With this service, we will assist you with the preparation of all the above-mentioned documents.
The registration of your company on the address of LocalOffice24 at the German Trade Register takes approximately 2 working days and it solely depends on how busy the German Trade Register is.
A regular correspondence comprises the following:
  • correspondence from the German Trade Register (e.g. letters on registered changes, reminders to submit an annual financial report, etc.)
  • correspondence from German Tax Office (e.g. payment requests, reminders, etc.)
  • correspondence from the bank
  • requests from the German Central Statistics Bureau
  • questionnaires from the local municipality.