Virtual Office

The German tax authorities have set a list of requirements that a German company must meet in order to be qualified as a tax resident of Germany. One of the most important requirements is having a real office in Germany. The address offered by LocalOffice24 is eligible to satisfy this requirement and hence will allow your company to be qualified as a tax resident of Germany.

Yes, you can use the address provided by LocalOffice24 as your personal postal address in order to register in one of the municipalities in Germany.
No, while using the Virtual Office address offered by LocalOffice24, your private address will not be visible and will remain hidden.
You can pick up your parcels/packages at our office in Düsseldorf. In order to collect your parcels/packages, please, contact our team via the Live Chat (in the lower right corner of our website) to make an appointment and collect your items. Alternatively, you can instruct us to forward parcels/packages to the postal address indicated by you.
The received parcels and packages will be stored in our secure storage until your instructions which may be the following:
  • Self-collecting the parcels/packages;
  • Forwarding the parcels/packages to the address indicated by you.
The first month of storage is free of charge and afterward we will charge a small additional fee per month.
Definitely! In Premium and Ultimate subscription plans, the receipt of the package is already included in the monthly fees. The Economy and Standard subscription plans also allow you to receive parcels/packages for a small additional fee. All the parcels and packages will be kept at our secure storage where you can pick it up at any time that suits you or instruct us to forward it to the postal address indicated by you.
We value your privacy and therefore we may open and scan your incoming correspondence only if directly instructed by you. Otherwise, we will only scan and forward you the scan copies of the envelopes of your incoming correspondence and forward the correspondence to the postal address indicated by you. In addition, we value your privacy in the following ways:
  • all correspondence is kept at our secure storage
  • all e-mail correspondence is encrypted using the high-level banking technologies
  • only the limited number of our staff, having undergone the due diligence and the background checks, are authorized to access the correspondence and your personal data
  • we never transfer any of your personal data to third parties for commercials purposes
Depending on your instructions, we may forward the correspondence either as the scan copies to your e-mail and/or forward the originals of the correspondence to the address indicated by you (e.g. your private postal address).
With our Starter subscription plan, you will receive the scan copies of your correspondence once per week. With Standard, Premium and Ultimate subscription plan the scan copies of your incoming correspondence will be sent to you on the same day once it has been received. If you expect an important correspondence, please, inform LocalOffice24 team in advance and will make sure you receive it immediately upon the delivery to our office.